Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Getting started is simple. Fill out our secure online application and within 48-72 hours you will find out if your vehicle has been accepted for one or more sponsorships. Once accepted for a sponsorship, your contracts and sponsorship details are provided to you through our new sponsorship management site, Easily view and manage your new sponsorships, order sponsor products, upload photos and a lot more.

What makes unique?

We are known for our efficient sponsorship placement system. There is no faster, easier, more affordable way to get your vehicle sponsored. The use of greatly simplifies the process of obtaining sponsorships. There is no need to draw up a proposal - our "Sponsor Certified" online application takes care of the information to be provided. You no longer have to make numerous calls or several trips to the company for sponsorship discussions. has spent the time and man-hours creating partnerships with popular companies and has negotiated sponsorships on your behalf. These companies allow to distribute the sponsorships to those who qualify. If a certified sponsorship advisor finds you eligible, then depending on the type of vehicle you have, your location, interests, available programs, etc., will determine what sponsorships we are able to issue to you. Please read our terms and conditions found on our main application page for more information on our partners, sponsorship frequencies, types of sponsorships and other useful information.

What are the types of products that will be available to me?

Sponsored products range from audio systems, wheels, body kits, graphics, suspension, lighting, performance parts and other accessories. Clients are responsible for the installation of all products.

What are my requirements/obligations to my sponsor?

Sponsors ask that you display at least 2 decals on your vehicle. We will gladly color coordinate them for you to match your cars theme if requested. Sponsors also like to see that you actively promote their products. You are never obligated to purchase products from your sponsors and you only have to participate in the sponsorships that interest you the most. Attending car shows is an option but it's highly recommended by our sponsors.

What types of sponsorships can I expect?

Being that we have key relationships with only the leading industry companies, you can be assured that you will only receive the most sought after and most valuable sponsorship contracts available. These sponsorships range from full to quasi-sponsorships. The most common sponsorship that we issue is the RTF and RPM Sponsorship. The RTF is where you promote your sponsors ahead of time to get free products and the RPM is where you purchase your product ahead of time, install the products, go to shows, compete and if you win a trophy you will be reimbursed. Full details on each one of these sponsorship types are outlined in our terms and conditions.

What is the cost to get sponsored?

If you don't get sponsored, you don't pay, it's that simple. If you do get sponsored, you only pay a $99 client fee ($70 is refundable if cancelled within 30 days; the $29 review fee is not), regardless of how many companies sponsor you. We never charge for additional sponsorships and you are never obligated to purchase sponsors products.

Why is there a 48-72 hour Review Period?

Our agents need to review every application to make sure that the individual that is applying meets our sponsors requirements. Additionally, if it's determined (within the 72 hour review period), that the sponsorships advertised by are no longer available we have the right to reject your application and void your transaction. No fees are ever incurred if your application is declined.

Official Sponsorship Agency - Hot Import Nights, NCCA, Formula D Drifting Circuit, and others... is a sponsorship placement agency working with many established, well-known and reputable automotive companies around the world. In addition to our sponsor partners, we work directly with Hot Import Nights, Formula D Drifting Circuit, NCCA, and others to ensure you will receive only the most valuable sponsorships available. is open to everyone

Any type of vehicle, including import, domestic, show cars, race cars and even motorcycles have been accepted for sponsorship through our partnered companies.

If you have any questions please call us at 1-866-340-1073 M-F 9am-5pm EST